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Techshop Electric Control System
PCEC H1.0xp
Techshop Enterprise has introduced new version for home & office cabin Lighting control series for all PC and Laptop users at Home and small offices.Pioneered by Techshop with the solution to control electrical appliances which runs on 230V AC such as tube light, bulb, CLF, fan, bell etc.with the computer mouse click from your desktop.These systems are designed for comfort and convenience while you work on your computer .Just click on the feature rich software 'PCEC H1.0' on your monitor for desired operation and you can control surroundings of Home/ Office as per your need without leaving your desk.With user friendly GUI minimize the software and carry on other important work on PC. Techshop supply a Lighting automation DIY kit useful for any desktop or laptop PC user .These kits are mini PLC ( Programme Logic Controller) which are connected to PC parallel port (LPT1).We supply you a complete hardware and associate software we manufacture under brand "Techshop" along with installation guide.Using these kit PC home/ SOHO user can control four electrical devices such as tube lights/bulb/ CLF/Fan etc. from computer mouse click.With software scheduler facility indivisual timers can set/reset for On-to-Off and Off-to-On swiching of lights automatically as per your schedules.These kits are perfect utility add-on as new computer peripheral product by which domestic PC user can interface electric devices out of PC CPU.
Wallmounted small control panel is developed for increased safety and reliability these systems are ready perfectly for SOHO PC user segments. For Details Contact Us at address below:
New Version PCEC H1.10xp Features :
* Solution to control four electrical appliances from PC desktop with mouse click.
* Electrical devices (230V , single phase) e.g. tube-light, bulb, fan, bell,show lamp etc can be attached to panel for PC based user control.
* Clock Display on panel and graphical switch display.
* Devices can be operated normally with traditional switches when PC is shutdown.
* Emergency ON/OFF facility to operate all four devices simultaneously.
* Indivisual Timer for each four divice.Presize timer control for each dvice up to 1 sec to 24 hour.
On-to-Off / Off-to-On timer scheduler for each switch . ( *New feacher)
* Easy & fast PC installation and interfacing. Plug and Play ( Instalation Guide and wiring Diagram included in Software CD.
* NEW compact Wall Mounted Panel Size : 4 X 4 X 2 inch Panel weight : 100gm. Compact & light with Bright White color .
* User comfort GUI and simple to operate. Graphical Skin choice for software
Note: Package includes CD with Installation Manual. Easy Do-It- Yourself Kit .Installation takes only 30-45minutes to get system working for technicaly inclined person. Otherwise get the wiring done from your local electrician. (For step 2 below)
Basic Installation Steps:( Time-Motion study for Instalation)
1) Hook the Wall mount panel near your existing electric switch Board firmly .( 10 minutes)
2)Do wiring as per colors codes and instalation diagram ( 10minutes)
3) Attach Parallel port
EPP cable provided from Panel to PC EPP port socket. ( Like a printer cable) ( 2 Minutes)
4) Start your Computer and Install software PCEC H1.10 provided. ( 5 Minutes)
5) Switch on Panel safety & Main switch. ( 30 Sec)
DONE.....Now you can control Lights/fan etc.. with PC/laptop mouse click from your figure tip convinience.Set timer as per your schedules
Techshop Healthy Support: Applications:
** Pre-post installation support Home Automation
** six month carry-in warranty Small-Office Automation
** *Upgrading support Shop Automation
** Sleek & Handy Wall Mount Design very safe and reliable.
PCEC H1.10xp For Home Automation: ( PC requirement/ Compatibility):
Pentium II 450 Mhz or above processor
RAM 32 MB -----HDD free space 4 MB
EPP/ECP Printer Parallel Port (DB25)
CDROM for software Instalation
This version is Compatible for MS Win 9X /2000/ME/XP/NT
Package: Techshop Electric Control System PCEC H1.10xp includes following items.
(1) Techshop Electric Control Panel (Wall-Mount)
(2) Software & Installation guide Documentation CD : PCEC H 1.10xp
(3) EPP cable ( 1.5 m) for connecting to parallel port.
(4) Warranty card (six month)
Electrical Devices Attachments Options :
RED wire = Phase input Supply 230 V AC Yellow wire= Output to Device
Options Device 1 Device 2 Device 3 Device 4 Total Watt
Plan A Tube Light (40W) Show Bulb
(40 W) Fan Ceiling
(80 W) CFL
(20 W) x 2 no 200 W
Plan B Tube
(40 W) x2no 2noCFL
(20 W) x2 Fan Celing
(80 W) Show Bulb
(40 W) 240 Wt
* Maximum Devices attachment capacities up to 450 W
* Do NOT connect any nutral wire supply to panel. Follow instalation procedure in CD PDF file.
*Standard quotation given is for single hall automation up to 150 sq ft area
* Home edition price Rs 1450/+ plus L Tax /if any extra
Techshop Enterprise, India S1,Vidyanagar, Lasalgaon-422306, Nashik District, MS Tel.: +919890676018
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