Small scratch in glass

I have a window with a small 8mm scratch. It feel quite deep. I'm sure this
cannot be polished out without affecting the area around the scratch too
Is there any filler/resin that can be put in the scratch and then levelled
off when set to provide an invisible fix?
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On Sun, 28 Feb 2010 08:59:10 -0000, "Grumps" wrote:
A window in what? If this is on a car, and you have comp. insurance, you can probably get a free repair at one of the windscreen replacement places. If it's a house window, the same stuff very likely works. Whether it's economic for you to buy a kit for one scratch I don't know.
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Laurence Payne
In message , Laurence Payne writes
That's what Autoglass tell you anyway
Have you ACTUALLY looked at your policy
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It used to be true, but every policy I've had in recent years has imposed a charge for windscreen replacement.
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Steve Firth
Insurance/Autoglass will *repair* your windscreen free under a lot of policies, they won't *replace* it for nothing though.
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On Sun, 28 Feb 2010 13:17:13 +0000, (Steve Firth) wrote:
He's not talking about a "free replacement" It was about a "free repair"
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