Sloped Garden levelling and fence wall

I have a sloped garden and I want to pave it. I got the first bit done by the
contractor but would like to attemp the second half myself. I am planning to
hire a digger to dug 2ft deep trench, fill it with concret to build the holding
wall. I would also like to build the wall as a fence instead of wooden fence. I
live in High Wycombe and my main concern is if 2 ft deep trench is enough for
foundation and to make a solid wall. I got the annex built and they had similar
depth for the foundation. The ground in my area is quiet solid and stoney (sorry
for the lack of word). I have attached image of the annex foundation and the
area where I plain to dig. Is it necessary for me to have a iron skelton in the
foundation ? I am not building a massvie wall but just a single block wall 1
meter high.
Secondly since my I am paving the garden, the council said the water in my
property should drain within my property. My plan is to keep a portion of the
garden unpaved to soak the water and also run a french drain parrell to the
garden wall and holding wall in the middle of the garden. Will this be enought
to keep the garden from flooding or any rain water issues?
Thanks in advance
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Do you mean you need a retaining wall? How high? What do you mean "the wall as a fence"?
Rather than needing footings two feet deep, you might need to dig a soakaway.
You don't normally put rebar in footings.
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