Self Bleeding radiator valves?

I have a mixture of mostly old style raiators that require a little key
to blled them and the odd new type. I was wondering if there is such a
thing as self bleeding raiator valves for the old type. I have seen this
type of valve on qvc for new style radiators.
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I have found these singularly useless. Eventually the fibrous inserts that are meant to 'breathe' clog up with impurities from the water and inhibitor and fail to work. Best to eliminate the source of the air getting into the radiators in the first place. I only need to bleed at one point and then once a year maximum.
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Bob Minchin
================================== Yes, they will fit and Focus sell them (without instructions) much cheaper - about £2-00p each.
Mine haven't been in long enough to confirm or otherwise the reservations expressed by another poster but it's worth bearing in mind that they might fail in time.
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I also don't think they are much use. Bleeding the radiators is hardly a major chore. (although remembering where you left the key is a challenge). My experience is that the self bleeding ones weep a bit before they seal.
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