secure replacement eurolock

I need to replace a eurolock on a front door (40/40 or 40/45), and am aware
that this style of locks can be "bumped/picked" quite easily.
Can anyone recommend a suitable model as a replacement which is more
resistant to these attacks at a resonable cost? There are the locks such as
the EVA MCS which claim to be bump proof but cost £200!! Whilst a basis
eurolock costs less than £4 - is there not a compromise between the two?
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In article , Jim writes
What is the construction of the door and do you have any mechanical protection around the cylinder?
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Any cylinder less than £4 can easily be bumped/picked/snapped, waste of money in my opinion. For what you are looking for best visit a locksmith.
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I've just fitted a couple of these
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the 35mm + 55mm size. The keys appear to have 7 pin positions on them so hopefully the locks would be more difficult to manually pick than the 5-pin locks they have replaced.
The keys are the type with depressions drilled into their faces rather than notches cut into their edges - does anyone know whether this makes them more or less resistant to picking ?
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in the 35mm + 55mm size.
Mul-T-Locks are very well engineered and difficult to pick. However, you can still bump them and shim them. Search YouTube for videos on bumping.
AFAIK, there are only a few mechanical designs around which are bump-proof, pick-proof and drill-resistant. They include ASSA Twin 7000, Abloy and a system by EVVA called 3KS. They're all very expensive.
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Consult your House Insurance people & go by what they say, their recommendations may be nonsense but as long as they are satisfied you will be covered in the event of whatever. Ultimately anyone breaking in will choose the weakest point and that probably won't be the door.
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