Source for a washing line pole?

I am seeking a very long pole (scaffold even) to fix a washing line
on. I am aware that b and q and homebase and argos and maybe even
wilkinson supply poles, but those are too short.
I require one that is maybe 8 metres or more in length. I want the
washing up out of the way!
I will try, if I can find one, an independent diy shop, however, does
anyone have any ideas?
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In message , de_ja writes
Ring round your local scaffolders. I had 2 x 6m galvanised poles for 15 quid (delivered). Mind you, all the pulleys, guide ropes etc for the actual line, and hire of a 2 man post hole borer + 2m bit cost a fair bit more :-)
Hth Someone
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On Thu, 13 Dec 2007 10:37:34 GMT, somebody wrote:
In the interests of your edification ...
That sort of pole has a proper name and around this way it is called a promp. My grandad told me about an old boy called Prompo who used to sell washing promps around the streets of Norwich for a living and got irate with women if they wouldnt buy one
Edification over. Where is Prompo when you need him?
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Anna Kettle
8 Metres long!! Are you planning on hanging your washing out by using a pogo stick ;-)
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lmao you all, i got no sense of length, i just want a high washing line like my neighbours
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In article , de says...
Eight meters is rather high - rather higher than our house!
However, our local timber yard sells proper one-piece washing poles, not those silly jointed things Wilkinsons sell.
Failing that, your local steel stockists.
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In message , de_ja writes
Our 6m poles have approx 1.5m underground. I look around the various gardens at the back of the house, and this height seems to be about the norm with a fair few of the neighbours.
SWMBO was insistent that I put them up and is adamant that the washing dries a lot quicker "up there". I guess that above the fence line etc it probably is a bit windier.
You *will* need those various pulleys and ropes though. Someone
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