Scumbag update

> On Oct 5, 8:22 pm, "The Medway Handyman"
>>> Having sent two e-mails of complaint I received a reply from the guy
>>> apologising and saying he would remove the content as soon as (his >>> sister)
>>> could.
>>> He followed this up with a phone call tonight, apologising
>>> profusely, saying
>>> he now realised he shouldn't have done it.
>>> He is actually a really nice guy and we had a good chat. We are
>>> going to meet for a coffee to see if we can help each other.
>>> Restores your faith in humanity a bit.
>> And you silting up a DIY site with your services posts; spitting out
>> your dummy when someone else offers it... tsch tsch ...naughty. >> >
> We install boilers for a living.
> Anybody else out there advertising that they "install boilers for a
> living" can expect the boys round pronto to deal with you. No coffee
> or kisses provided.
Read the thread properly idiot.
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The Medway Handyman
Touchy, been following it from the beginning & simply got a little fed up like others of reading all the bleating about how `wronged` you are. Get over it and develop some sort of niche for your business to make it stand out, rather than just moan about the competition & chuck silly threats about.

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fullflow plumbing
Oh sorry, I didn't realise you spoke on behalf of all the others. All the people (70+ posts) who replied to my post must have been so fed up they bothered to reply.
Oh are we talking about 'niche marketing'? " We fit boilers"? Wow what a niche - can't think of anyone else who does that.
I don't have any competition dick brain because I have a marketing strategy.
Anyway WTFAY? I've never seen a post from you before, so you are obviously a regular contributor.
One more brain cell & you could qualify as a pot plant.
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The Medway Handyman
To be honest, it was pretty 'whingey' on your part. You have only been able to point out 2 parts of the other site that were straight lifts from your site, I'm sure you can find more . . .
Notwithstanding which, the sites were very different in terms of structure and appearance, and accusations of 'word for word' copying is somewhat exaggerated when considered over comparison of the two whole websites
On the other hand. Fullflow never claimed to speak for ALL the others, just some of them; so stop accusing him of things he never claimed to be doing.
I think that statement made more sense in your head than it does on the page.
On the other hand, you seem to have found that Handyman365 is a really nice guy, and I'll have no hesitation in recommending him if anyone is looking for that sort of service in the North Kent area.
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C . felis
please don't get so upset by this. It's an annoyance, yes. Is it going to hurt you financially? I think you are a sound guy who's understandably wound up. Try to ignore it and get on with business (and life).
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I followed the original thread until I was fed up of the whinging.
The follow-up might have been better ... but you've become offensive so I shan't read any more of your posts.
Yes, I know that you wom't care and that you might well be offensive to me in reply but I shan't see it and it will say more about you rather than me.
This post is to say that there probably ARE others who were fed up of the moaning and either stopped reading or couldn't be bothered to reply. I'm sure I'm not unique.
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Mary Fisher
Thats a little offensive Mary don't you think?
I won't be offensive Mary - I anint bovvered.
Oh I think you are unique Mary. The post after all attracted a surprising number of people who were bovvered.
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The Medway Handyman
You are not unique in this respect, and I don't see what place whining about a commercial competitor has on uk.d-i-y.
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Steve Firth
You are ignoring the fact that (in this respect) Mary is not unique. We may be in a vocal minority, but there is nore than one person tired to the back teeth of hearing about your commercial vendettas.
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Steve Firth
At the moment you are giving the impression that he has at least one brain cell more than you. Knock it on the head and drop the constant bloody whining about your competition in Kent.
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Steve Firth

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