Sawing off a shotgun

On planet Hollywood, the bad guy puts his shotgun on the kitchen table,
picks up a hacksaw, and casually saws a few feet off the barrel.
Wouldn't the metal be too hard for that?
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Mike Barnes
In message , Mike Barnes writes
I'm more exercised by the guy elsewhere who drills holes in the end of a rifle barrel to form a silencer and then performs feats of accuracy irrespective of the effect burrs might have on ballistics.
I hope this is not a trawl by our law enforcement agency: identifying anyone with experience of such matters:-)
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Tim Lamb
Perhaps you have only had bad experiences with a hacksaw. A good blade - with the teeth pointing in the right direction (away from handle) and the right amount of pressure on the cutting stroke is a formidable tool.
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Of course this would not be uk.d-i-y is someone did not mention an angle grinder... That could make Purdey blush ;-)
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John Rumm
Not at all.
Hardness implies brittleness. The "opposite" of hardness is ductility (or malleability, if you like). If you have a misfire, you want your gun barrel to split, not shatter.
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Dave Osborne
A subject worthy of discussion on it's own.
Eclipse is still the best IME.
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they could market them "As used by the Securitas armed robbers - we bet they wish they had one hidden in a cake now".
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Rember hearing a Police chief grumbling about small brain tea leafs who had raided a country house and stolen a pair of Purdey shotguns worth 30 grand, sawn off the barrels and used them to rob a post office for 1500 quid.
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Adam Aglionby
The silenced Mk 5 Sterling SMG had a drilled barrel, but it was to dissipate some of the propelling gases so as to make the standard 9mm bullet velocity sub-sonic so there was no 'crack'. There was a separate silencer fixed on the end of the weapon. The holes were drilled so they were in the grooves of the rifling.
The more usual approach was to use sub-sonic ammunition.
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