Removing kitchen worktops ?

Is it possible to remove a kitchen woktop, 40mm postformed, without
damaging the 4" tiles that are tiled down to the surface.
Previous "professional" invisible join in the surface wan`t sealed
properley and has started to bulge meaning it looks terrible.
Old Dear is rather keen on keeping her harlequin tiling which is set
right down to the top, is it possible to get the old worktop out and
get a new one in without killing the tiles or is it more realistic to
get some close match tiles for bottom row, luckily they`re semi random
Any help much appreciated.
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Adam Aglionby
I'd have thought that if the edge is sealed with grout you could remove the worktop without too much bother, by removing the grout.
If you have silicone sealant along the edge it might be a little more problematic.
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Frank Erskine
Just seperate it from the worktop using a sharp implement and, if it makes it easier , drop the units down by shortening the legs ( assuming that the legs can be shortened by screwing them in the appropriate direction)
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Stuart B
wot he said but be aware that the units may also be fixed to the wall at the back
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