Re: OT - What will be completely unacceptable in 100 years - or even 50

>>>> [snip]
>>>>>> ?Sport? fishing.
>>>>> Should have added that we will still be fishing, but to survive following
>>>>> the collapse in civilisation. We just won?t be inflicting suffering on fish
>>>>> for fun.
>>>> You're making an assumption and then asserting it as fact.
>>> Okay, I can?t prove that fish suffer, but equally, you can?t know for
>>> certain that they don?t. Working on the balance of probability and what we
>>> DO know about fishes reactions to stress, it seems more likely than not
>>> that they don?t enjoy a hook through the mouth and being dragged from the
>>> water.
>>> Given the likelihood of this, doing it just for fun seems unnecessarily >>> cruel.
>> I might agree with that but know nothing of fish physiology.
>> The assumption you're making is that fishermen enjoy inflicting cruelty for >> fun.
> ?Fun?, ?sport?? Hair splitting surely? They inflict cruelty for
> fun/sport. I assume that they enjoy their sport otherwise why do it? >
> Of course most sport fishermen/women would probably deny that it?s cruel
> but it?s really hard to see what?s in it for the fish and I think it takes
> more than a little denial to convince yourself that it isn?t unpleasant for
> the fish.
AISB, but perhaps you were nodding off, I know nothing of fish physiology, and
cannot therefore judge whether such a hook causes pain or not. I imagine they
enjoy their activity, else why do it, but, again, you are assuming that the
draw is enjoying cruelty. What evidence are you showing to support that
assertion? I've seen none yet other than hand-waving and related vapourings.
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Tim Streater
On 23 Oct 2020 21:18:04 GMT, Tim Streater wrote:
Unlikely to be 'nice' for the fish though eh, even if it doesn't feel any pain because of it.
Even the animals in Yulin who beat and torture the other animals to death or before actually killing and eating them aren't doing so for 'fun', they are doing so because they *think* it makes the meat more tender.
Nope, I doubt he suggested that for one second (how thick can this Squeaker Goblin be)?
He hasn't because he's not making it.
Of course you haven't ITRW, but who knows what more you have or could imagine / fabricate?
Cheers, T i m
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T i m
I?ve never actually said that they enjoy cruelty, I?ve just said that they enjoy sport fishing, which almost certainly does inflict a level of suffering. Dice it up however you like, the end result is the same.
If sport fishing is cruel and people enjoy sport fishing, then logically they enjoy a cruel sport even if they are unaware that they are inflicting suffering.
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In the meantime you think that's ok and wouldn't dream of campaigning to stop the practice.
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