Radiotor not functioning right ?

Bit of a odd problem basically I have central heating. The radiator in the
bathroom on heats up half way and the rest of it is stone cold. Both valves
are on open and all the other heaters in the house work.
Any ideas what might be up with it ?
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Could the top of this radiator be the highest in the house? Have you tried the small valve at the top to release air?
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1) Top half cold Bleed it
2) Bottom half cold Sludge in system - clean and flush, ensure adequate inhibitor added
3) One side cold Insufficient flow - rebalance rads.
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John Rumm
In article , John Rumm writes:
That's bottom half cold and both pipes hot.
That's bottom half cold and return pipe cold.
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Andrew Gabriel
In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
Either way, bleeding it will fix the immediate problem - but additional measures (like adding inhibitor to the system) will be necessary if it *is* hydrogen.
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Roger Mills
The radiator is in the bottom of the house (downstairs) bathroom. Is this valve the hex nut type looking thingy :) on the right hand side. There is something that looks like that can I safely open this without water shooting out ?
Does the heating need to bt on or off to push the air out ?
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Hydrogen? it gets filled with hot water from the central heating I believe .. no expert though ..
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Lol yes you have, I think I may reach for the yellow pages.
I will have a go at the bleeding the valve for air, hopefully I will not introduce more air into the system.
hmmm I wonder if it would be more sensible to get a plumber to do it as I have limited knowledge and skills in this sort of thing. Although I have the basic tools I need to do this, just wondering if I end up knackering it it'll end up costing me more.
But what could go wrong.
What is the sequence of doing a bleed on a radior ?... Do I simple losen the valve on the top of the right side of the radiator, fire the system on till water flows out and tighten it up quickly with burning my self to death ? or is it more complex than that ?
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In message , James writes
That's (probably) hydrogen - which is a result of the varying metals that make up your system reacting and *corroding*.
You could, but bleeding radiators is quite a simple procedure and even if you do it wrong you're unlikely to do any damage.
Well ok, don't forget to tighten the valve again afterwards as running a boiler when you've drained the system would be 'a bad thing'(tm).
No, it's more simple. Turn the system *off* and leave it off throughout the procedure. Hold the bleeding tool (whatever you're using) in a rag to prevent yourself getting scalded and open the valve *slightly* until you can hear the gas coming out. Wait until water comes out then tighten the valve again.
As someone has already said you should then seriously consider adding a reputable inhibitor (Fernox is probably the easiest to find and is a good make) to your system to prevent the corrosion continuing.
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Addtion note:
Right so have just done 10 mins of googling, and it seems I need a bleeding key :) (I think I have one somewhere ... always wondered what is was for lol)
So please correct me if I am wrong:
1- turn off heating
2 - open both valves at bottom of radiator
3 - open bleed screw half a turn till you hear hissing and then water dribbling out, then tighten up
4 - Do the rest of the heaters in the house ? (not sure if I need to do all the others as they all work) but the guide said to?
5 - I may need to repressurize the system ... This bit I'm not sure about ... How wold I do that ? ( I have a combi type boiler)
6 - Thank god I didn't blow the damn thing up
7 - receive praise from wife for not being completely useless at home maintenance ? wishful thinking... I think so
8 - crack beer open and pat my self on the back if I haven't scolded my hand
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In article , Si writes:
Until you know differently, assume the system is full of permanent black ink rather than water. That's often the effect if you spill it on a carpet, so have cloth/kleenix handy to catch any drips.
If you bleed a lot of air out of a sealed system, you will probably need to repressurise it afterwards.
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Andrew Gabriel
Sounds like air in the rad. With the system off just carefully open bleed nut at the top of the rad with a rag as others have mentioned and allow the air to hiss out. When it stops hissing close the nut. there is one thing that could be also checked- is the header tank full of water? Sometimes the ballcock gets stuck closed through lack of use. If so just gently press down on the arm and allow the tank to fill up.
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They should already be open or the rad would be cold all over all the time.
Yes. Use a cloth to stop spillages
Yes, do them.
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6 - Thank god I didn't blow the damn thing up
God prefers a capital letter in his name. I do not thank him for anything, as do millions of Muslims etc
Make her praise you.
If you wish. You should ask the wife to open your beer after such a days hard DIY.
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On 27 Jan,
More like one side (about 2"wide) and top hot, other side and return cold.
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