Questions to ask about boiler replacement...

Hi All
We are in the market to get our 25 y/o back boiler replaced, I'm
guessing probably with a condensing combi. What questions should I be
expecting to get answered by the people doing the estimates ?
Apart from the obvious ones like makes and models, timescales, prices
Guarantees ?
Power Flush ?
Any thoughts gratefully received...
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On Wed, 16 Jan 2008 08:40:42 -0800 (PST) someone who may be this:-
It will almost certainly have to be a condensing boiler.
As for a combination boiler or not, we haven't discussed that for at least 20 minutes. Search engines exist to look up previous threads, but if you don't want to do that then tell us something about your house and how it is occupied, then someone might take the bait.
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David Hansen
Size, colour, noise level, whether damage to brickwork will be put right, where the boiler will be located, how the pipes will be routed, whether the existing radiators are OK - the usual questions. I had a backboiler replaced and the old gas fire removed. That was replaced with a nice new boiler in a cupboard upstairs. Ask about thermostats, zoning, types of controllers etc. Ask how the drain will be fitted, where the gas supply will be taken from.
Make a big list. Make sure parts, labour and putting everything back to normal, plus taking the rubbish is included.
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There is a FAQ for this. Which more or less addresses the bulk of the first round of questions you may have.
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Ed Sirett
"john" wrote
I specifically got them to leave all copper removed. This allows you to inspect the state of piping/valves etc at your leisure (if you are interested in that sort of thing). Also it was worth the trip to get the scrap value.
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