Part P check after non-part p person

How in depth is the check done to certify work done by a non-part p
electrician? Is it a matter of checking every thing or can it just be
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In article , Mogga writes:
It's entirely up to the local authority, both how in-depth it is, and to actually do it. In particular, they are not permitted to ask you to get it done, nor ask you to pay for it over and above the standard building notice fee, although lots are apparently trying to do so.
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Andrew Gabriel
On 24 Oct 2007 07:10:52 GMT, (Andrew
Our extension was wired up by a non-part p chap - and apparently he's now saying someone inspected it to issue a notice - now as far as I can remember no one came in and checked it ... so I'm wondering if someone has to physically test it or whether one electrician can do it on trust? Thanks
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================================== I think that you should insist on a proper test and certificate, both for your own safety and for the possibility of a future house sale. You've already paid for it - included in standard Building Notice fee.
In my case which was much more basic that your case (install new consumer unit - done by myself) the local authority paid for a full inspection and test which from a layman's point of view appeared to be very thorough. This inspection and certification also gave me the satisfaction of knowing that my work was safe and satisfactory and saved me the quite considerable cost of paying to have the work done professionally.
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If he was not registered with one of the organisations that allow him to self certify, then he would have had to have notified building control *before* he started work, and also paid the building notice fee.
There is no route to certify after the fact.
The only thing that you could do now would be to apply to the building control people to regularise it. This may require a inspection, or test but that is at the whim of the department. They ought not charge you over and above the regularisation fee.
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John Rumm
How do I know? Do I assume he wasn't or is there a list somewhere. He's coming out on Friday because wehey! the electrics all popped off today
I'd assume that it needs properly testing given todays events. So do I ring BCO and explain to him?
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On Wed, 24 Oct 2007 13:46:25 +0100, John Rumm wrote:
How about sending them a notice that you are about to start. By the time they get back to you you just say "its finished now - come and inspect..."
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Mike Harrison
Ask him. If he says he can self certify, then ask him for the certificate.
Well testing must always be done - regardless of part P or anything else, its not an optional extra.
If the sparks is registered then let him sort it and provide the paperwork. If it turns out he is not, but he gave the impression that he was, then I would be looking to deduct the cost of any building control involvement from his bill!
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John Rumm
Sam Farrell coughed up some electrons that declared:
It varies (quite considerably) but a lot of councils round my way charge around 100 + VAT minimum for a BNA. Some are cheaper for a part P BNA and some are double.
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Tim Southerwood
On Wed, 24 Oct 2007 20:56:32 +0100, Tim Southerwood wrote:
Why not ask John (Fiasco) Prescott to come back and sort it out for you. Yet another money making scam by our democratic incompetents Inc.
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