Painting galvanised steel garage door

The (red) paint on my garage door is peeling off in places, exposing the
galvanised steel surface underneath. It was last painted about 15 years
ago, so it's had a pretty good innings, but I've no recollection of the
type of paint used then. What's the best paint to use on such a surface,
and how best to prepare the surface for painting? I don't really want to
strip the entire door down to the galvanised surface if I can help it.
It's a south facing door and so gets a lot of sun on it.
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If the galvanising is dull ands weathered you will not need a special primer. Just an undercoat and a top coat of whatever you fancy. If the galvanising is shiny you will need to use a 'Galvanise Primer' available from all good paint suppliers.
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Thus spake Merryterry ( unto the assembled multitudes:
My galvanising is certainly dull - there are a lot more interesting things to look at :-) No, seriously, it isn't at all shiny.
Thanks for your reply.
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