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I hear a lot of those "working from home" want to make it their normal practice for the future.
However they have just proved that some Indian can work from home but for >£3,000/year rather than £30,000/year.
Plus the saving in not renting office space.
I think they need to hurry back to work before someone notices this.
This is the reason the gov. wants to install broadband everywhere.
To export your job, not enable you to play video games.
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I'd have thought this was old news. The NHS is using this method for putting patient records on the computer. Its supposed to be annonamised by only using code numbers but one worry is, if nobody English can read doctors writing what chance tdo the Indians have? Brian
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Brian Gaff (Sofa
Installing broadband surely makes it marginally less likely your job will be exported?
However, I tend to agree with you. I let my old London office to a very nice guy, called Trevor Asserson. He emigrated to Israel, where wages are lower than the UK. he's a solicitor, and there is a steady stream of UK solicitors who emigrate to Israel with up-to-date UK legal skills. He hires them, and he has a thriving UK legal practice in Israel.
Of course, that can be replicated in India, although AFAIK it hasn't been. One reason is that UK people emigrate to Israel for religious reasons, whereas there doesn't seem to be the same exflux of trained people to India. That may change.
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Well Brian, you'll find that from a population of >1 billion people there will probably be a greater number that can do written English to a higher standard than half the population of this country, innit?
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It is true that the ?working from home idea? is a threat to UK jobs. Employers can just as easily employ someone in a part of the UK were living costs, and therefore salaries, are lower as someone in London/ the South East. Or someone in the Far East for a tiny fraction of the cost.
So, all those skivers refusing to return to work are actually contributing to their future unemployment.
The Government won?t even need to waste money on fast broadband, no one will be working from home or very few at least. They will be unemployed.
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Radio Man
How exactly does your logic work?
The Government?s broadband initiative is for domestic and remote areas. Not places where established businesses with overseas offices are likely to be.
The thousands of office workers too lazy to return to work because they can skive at home aren?t going to move to India or Israel. They will expect to be supported by the rest of us who are still working and paying taxes.
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Radio Man
that is because anybody who is working from home farting about on a computer is not doing any useful job anyway ....
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Jim GM4DHJ ...
In a manner of speaking. No less than twice, IIRC, never even making it to the official retirement age. What was he saying about skiving?
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think he is still trying to pretend he is somebody else''''he would be better named M3classB radio man .....
well I admit skiving for the last ten years....tee hee...stuff working
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Jim GM4DHJ ...
So house prices there will rise, and London house prices will fall. All that does is spread the population away from urban centres.
Who cant speak English and has no idea how English society works or what English law is - shit has already been outsourced. BT help lines are markedly worse and BT is no cheaper than my all UK ISP...
No. If they are in fact working from home chances are they will continue.
The government isn't wasting money, Openreach is. And work needs less bandwidth by and large than streaming videos...
Its wise to learn to think before you open your mouth
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The Natural Philosopher
But companies rarely learn from the mistakes of others. I was recently asked to investigate a contract to out source the work for a major insurance company to the Far East.
I?m still considering it.
The work involves training the locals in UK culture, including TV series. That is why I don?t like the idea.
No according to the company above. They plan a massive cost savings.
The contract isn?t the only one.
If you say so.
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Radio Man
harry laid this down on his screen :
Trouble with out sourcing such things to India is, that India leaks your seriously very personal data, as I found out with Talktalk.
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Harry Bloomfield, Esq.

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