Old tools

An elderly widow neighbour is intending 'downsizing' so is clearing out
the 'junk' of years from her cellar. And asked me what to do with her
husband's tools. She has been through them and picked out what she wants -
and I'd guess her SILs will have too. So what is left isn't really much
cop. But there's a lot of it. Would a charity shop take it - or any other
such place?
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Dave Plowman (News)
Don't remember the details but I saw on TV some charity group who collect old tools, recondition them(sharpen) then ship them out to Africa etc.
Google found these
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Depends if we're talking about cheap junk/completely knackered - or rusty/blunt classic handtools that can be renovated.
There's a huge market on ebay for tools of traditional trades (e.g. drawknives/adzes/planes etc) - but knackered old chisels are 10 a penny or thereabouts.
As others have said
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or tools for development charities - some local hoarder on freecycle is more likely to take complete junk.
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messagenews: snipped-for-privacy@davenoise.co.uk...
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send a container of tools (hand tools, sewing machines, power tools and PCs) out to various places about oncea month. Mostly East Africa IIRC. Not sure if they collect.
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Some old stuff is very well made - I was taught hedgelaying by a bloke who bought ancient tools almost exclusively, stuff like hand forged SP forks and the like. If you can pick out any makers marks then they're probably worth something to someone, but most folks would rather have shiney tat.
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