Noisy water pump

I'm looking for suggestions to deal with an extremely noisy water
pump. I've recently bought a top floor apartment and the water pump
is in an airing cupboard as is my cold water tank - it looks like the
builders of the apartment should have put the tank in the attic but
possibly the tank arrived too late and the attic hatch was finished at
that stage. Every time I turn on a tap etc the pump is needed - without
the pump turned on the water pressure is a trickle. The manufacturer of
the pump is Stuart Turner Ltd, the model is ST55 (I think) and most
likely this was put in by the builders about 8 years ago and is
probably a cheap model. I don't think putting bubble wrap or anything
like that to insulate it will work as it's so noisy. If I replace the
pump do people think that it would be much quieter and what pump would
be best? The pump/water tank is beside a bedroom so the pump/water
inflow would have to be very quiet. Alternatively, I'll be getting an
attic stairs put in which means I'll be making my attic hatch larger
so I might be able to get the water tank moved to the attic - my
neighbour has his water tank in the attic and he has no need of a pump.
Which of these options seems best?
Thanks in advance.
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I'm aware that some water pumps have different speed settings which can be altered via a switch on the side of the pump body. Switching to a lower speed, if possible, might help.
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Uno Hoo!
Even the expensive DabJet models are noisy. Pumping water at 3 bar isn't a quiet sort of thing unfortunately. However there are some pumps where the pressure can be adjusted so you might be able to come to a noise/pressure compromise.
Alternatively there are crush-flat water tanks which you can get into most lofts and then expand out to their full size. This is probably what you really need if you can do the re-plumbing.
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On 29 Jun 2005 09:15:14 -0700, "Krusty" wrote:
You could try mounting the pump on a paving slab which has padding between it and the fllorboards like someone suggested here
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tank in the attic will give a lot less pressure, things like showers and mixer taps might not work.
You could go over to mains pressure if your mains flow is good enough that would be best but a bit expensive( over ukp1000 ).
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