Noisy new windsceen wipers!

My old ones were noisy, so I fitted a new pair which were also a little noisy at first - but they did after some use go quiet. Grease etc. on the screen from the road seems to be one of the problems which can cause the noise, try giving the screen a really good clean.
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Harry Bloomfield
Are the flapping up and down at a certain point as they clear the screen ?
Are they generic oes or specific for make of vehicle, some vehicles require special ones which have a curve for the type of vehicle its used on.
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Sorry Mr Mainwaring! :-)
I must admit, my car's suffering from a noisy wiper gear and be damned if I'm going to sort it out in this weather - all eighteen and a half stone of me could shrink away in this amount of rain!
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On Jan 20, 7:05 am, Eddy wrote:
Are they free to flip over on each stroke so that they are dragging instead of pushing?
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Matty F
================================== Just a possibility...
Does your car use different length wiper blades (one longer than the other)? If so, have you got them in their correct locations?
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They make a flappy noise at the end of the travel (and in some cases squeak and leave deposits of rubber on the screen) because the "angle of twist" is wrong.
Get in the car and turn the wipers on. Watch them very closely and you will see that as they change direction at the end of their travel, they "flip over". They are noisy because they are twisted away from the vertical such that when they flip one way they hardly move at all and when they flip the other, it's either an almighty flip (or, if they're leaving rubber behind, they don't flip at all until they're halfway across the screen) which makes a lot of noise. You need to watch carefully and convince yourself of which way to twist them in order to make the blades more perpendicular to the windscreen, so the amount of flip is even at each end of the travel.
Get out of the car, grasp the entire blade and arm with both hands and twist slightly in the appropriate direction. You need strong hands, because you are effectively twisting the metal of the wiper arm.
Get in and see if it's better or worse. On a dry day, you'll need to use the washbottle to lubricate the process.
Don't worry that you have not "eliminated" the noise. Wizzy wipers make some noise at the best of times; Under "normal" circumstances, you don't really notice.
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Dave Osborne
Thanks, guys, for all suggestions.
Yes, it was case of gripping the arms and bending them until they exert just the right amount of pressure on the wipers - enough to skim the glass, but not so much as to make noisily judder over it!
Thanks very much.
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