New 55 KW boiler

Our present boiler is a Geminox 10-50, about 10 years old. I am just toying
with the possibility of changing it, as I am concerned that there seems to
be only one maintenance company is the SE of England that can provide
I see that Vaillant have a 65KW Ecomax boiler in their commercial range. I
have used Vaillant boilers before, and I have found them excellent. The cost
is around 1800 to 2000 Pounds for the boiler, and there will be some fitting
I had someone around to estimate and he recommended a Keston C55 boiler,
which is a make I have never heard of. His all-in price, including fitting
was what seems to me to be a ludicrous 5500 Pounds. Leaving aside the price,
which I guess is negotiable, are Keston a decent brand, on a par with
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What is wrong with the Geminox? They are very good boilers. So you have only one service agent, what is the problem with that?
Keston are good. They had some initial problems with the Celsius which appear to have gone.
You obviously need a boiler around 50kW by the looks of it. If you really want to get rid of the Geminox, then try two Vaillants around 25kW, Which may be a lot cheaper, about £850 each, cheaper if ordering two. Then you have backup if one is down. They come with pumps too, so just connect them up. In summer maybe just use one for DHW, and alternate each year. You could have a boiler sequencer to bring in the No 2 boiler when needed.
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