Netto Air compressor and tools

Netto have on offer a 'Tooltec' Air Compressor.... and a selection of
air tools, (at extra cost) but will they all work off this compressor?
Their requirements are shown, but the compressor details are a bit
Suitable for light use?
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between the packed meats and the Persil.
They also give no detailed specs for the compressor.
However, the basic parameters of the motor (2HP) are reasonable for the average sized 50 litre reservoir.
Other comments from the description and the photo are that because it's direct drive implemented the way that it is, it will be quite noisy. Secondly, the drain appears not to be at the bottom of the reservoir which is rather stupid. The compressor would also need to be tilted to drain it.
Whether the specific product is any good? Who knows? This is buying something of unknown origin from a grocery warehouse.
Generically, from the size, if it meets what one would expect from a compressor of this size, then it will be suitable for light air applications such as wrenches and nailers. It will be marginal for the drills if used a lot. It will do a little spraying, but not a lot of extensive work, and would fall a bit short on sanding as well.
So in the £14.99 accessory pack, all of the accessories bar (not deliberate pun) the sprayer would be of reasonable use. The sprayer would be limited.
I would not necessarily assume that all of the tools come with the correct 6.35mm screw fittings for the hose, or indeed that they come with anything.
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Andy Hall
Its says for light use. I have similar for my own light use and its fine. I don't expect to respray cars with it, because it doesn't have the CF/min to keep the pressure up. For shorter use periods or intermittent use it will be fine. I use it for blowing my tyres, the odd bit of spraying, nailing, an impact wrench and blowing dust out of things.
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Harry Bloomfield
The important bit is the cfm rating , or how many cubic feet of air the compressor can deliver and how much each tool requires to operate ,neither is shown !
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It says 6 cfm. It is about the same as the one I got in Aldi but the aldi came with the tools that netto are charging extra for. The aldi spray gun was a gravity feed one and works really well on fences (not with creosote!!).
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