Min. seperation, boiler & sink

Is there a required minimum seperation between
a wall-mounted boiler and a sink or draining board?
I'm planning on laying out a kitchen diner as per
formatting link
with the boiler in the north-west corner, over the
worktop. Ideally, I'd like to shuffle the sink one
unit northwards to but up to the north wall, but then
the drainer will be underneath the boiler. I've been
trawling through boiler manufacture literature, but
can't find anything specific. I'm falling back on the
minimum seperation between the sink and the
electrical supply switch.
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There is no minimum separation between a sink and an electrical supply switch provided the switch is suitable for its location. Therefore a splashproof switch should be used if the location is subject to splashing.
The only slight drawback might be banging your head whilst doing the washing-up.
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