Conservatory v Planning

I am confused over whether I need planning regs.
As I understand it I don't need Building Control because it is not classed
as a habitable room if it can be closed off from the main house.
I am getting told I do not need PP by the guy who drew up my brick extension
plans yet when I looked online at the local planning website I saw
applications for conservatories.
Can anyone clarify please?
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The message from "Mark" contains these words:
Building control and planning permission are separate issues.
I think you will find that in normal circs you don't need planning permission if the conservatory is small enough to be covered by your permitted development rights. If you have used too much on a carport or a porch or are in a conservation area you will need pp even though building control may not be involved.
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The guy who drew up your extension plans, will also be able to advise if all your permitted development allowance has been used (70m3 for a semi or detached, and 50m3 for a terrace). Your existing extension(s) or other development will be deducted from this allowance, and if the volume of the conservatory is within the allowance , then you do not need formal permission
Also, some properties (mainly newish ones) may have had the PD rights removed, and will require an application for permission.
Check if you have PD rights, and then if there is any allowance left
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"Mark" wrote
Our local authority has a "Do I need Planning Permission" form. IIRC they don't charge for their response. If in any doubt, best to see if your LA has these, then you will have a verdict in writing from the "powers that be"
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So does ours...
...well ours charges about half the cost of an actual planning application! :-(
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