Insulating a 9" brick wall.

I wish to convert my garage to a habitable room. The walls are 9" solid
Regs require walls to have a U value of 0.3
I looked at the following site and the products are rated in R values.
Can anyone please tell me which one I need.
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U lets you calculate how much heat you are loosing easily (U * area * temp difference).
R = 1 / U, and has the nice property that R values add. That is, if you have a 9" brick (R value 0.5), and 50mm celotex (R value about 2), then the R value of the two together is 2.5. Inverting to get a U value gives you 0.4 (so you need a bit more celotex).
You need an overall R of 1/0.3 approx = 3.3.
Don't forget that if you use 100mm sheeps wool between 50mm studs at 600mm centres, you will need to allow for the fact that 1/12 of the surface is conductive wood rather than insulating wool.
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