Marks on High gloss kitchen surface

Hi there,
Can somebody help. SWMBO is rather annoyed as I cleaned the floor today and
got splash marks on our High Gloss laminate surface. Problem is the splash
marks can't be removed so floor cleaner must have had something in it to
take the gloss off (possibly diluted acid as it was tiled floor
cleaner!!!!). I've noticed that baby oil makes the mark disappear until I
rub the baby oil off. Is there some sort of gloss available that I can
apply to the surface?. I tried clear varnish but it looked awful so wiped
it back off.
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Andrew Simpson
Wait til she is not looking and do the whole top with the floor cleaner... see if she can spot the less glossy bit then ;-)
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John Rumm
Have you tried to polish the dull area with t-cut, brasso etc, it sounds like the finish might simply just have dulled with the floor cleaner and it may polish back to a shine, especially as the baby oil seemingly made good the repair simply by wetting it made is shiny again.
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