concrete blocks / bricks strength

What strength/density of concrete blocks do I need to match normal
bricks ?
I want to use some concrete blocks nearly up to ground level and only
use blue engineering bricks where they start to show.
Will the blocks I need cut OK with a block cutting guillotine ?
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In article , The Natural Philosopher writes:
I've cut them (inplace) with a hand masonary saw, which went through very quickly. Apparently a wood saw works too for a while, but knackers more quickly (and probably wouldn't be much good for timber afterwards).
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Andrew Gabriel
On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 03:31:25 -0700 Sm_jamieson wrote :
Unless you're building a high rise it is highly unlikely that you need high strength blocks. Thermalite/Celcon blocks can be used in foundations except in certain soils.
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Tony Bryer

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