Making a tiled skirting

This also relates to my bathroom flor tiling project.
When I've been on holiday abroad, I've noticed that the hotel rooms
invariably have a skirting made from the same tiles as the floor. I thought
I might have a go at this.
The tile strips arn't just stuck to the wall but spaced out from the wall to
make the skirting look about an inch thick. This is finished with a fillet
of cement on top painted to blend in with the wall.
How is the tile stepped away from the wall?
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With a 1" batten wood screwed to the wall and possibly 1" plaster beading on top of the batten?
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================================== The tiles themselves may be 1" thick - older quarry tiles usually are (actually about 3/4"). If this is the case then the walls would be fully plastered down to the floor and the tiles would go on the finished plaster to give the effect you're looking for.
This is how it was done in the kitchen of a house I once owned which had the old style 'swill it down' type of floor.
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In article , "Mark" writes:
I did the opposite -- recessed them into the plaster so they're flush with the wall. I quite like the effect, although it wasn't something I'd seen before. No fillet required in this case.
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Andrew Gabriel

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