Long shot: Does anyone recognise this wallpaper?!

OK, a long shot here. A chunk of wallpaper has come off one of our walls;
the previous owners put it up at least 3 years ago so I have no idea whether
I can get a roll of matching paper to fix it. I really don't fancy
re-wallpapering the whole room since the rest is fine and have looked in B&Q
(a likely source, knowing the previous owner) but have drawn a blank.
Here are some photos of the wallpaper
formatting link
. Does
anyone recognise it, know where I can get some, or even have a spare roll in
their loft somewhere in exchange for beer tokens??!! Thanks!!
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Eric Baber
Have you looked in your loft? sometimes people end up with a roll or half a roll over. :-)
Can you not take a piece from another part of the wall and put summat in its place?
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I seem to recall hearing about a company who match wallpaper for situations just like yours. Can't recall the details but a Google search might find it.
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The Medway Handyman
Yep, looked in the loft, under the stairs etc, no joy.
Maybe from behind the radiator, now there's a thought - I wonder if they papered behind there, I'll have a look.
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Eric Baber
Thanks to the Internet seems I've got it sorted. I sent an e-mail to a number of online wallpaper companies asking them to look at the photos of the wallpaper and letting me know if any of them recognised & had it. One of them did, so it's on order. Hurray, no need to paper the whole room, I can fix just the bit that came off.
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Eric Baber
In case you have not matched it... o "National Dixons Distributors" o "Treasury" o "Graham & Brown" o "Superfresco" o "Modern Stripe 15010" o "HS" o p49
Dulux Decorator Centres have it, stumbled over the book quite literally. About 99% sure that is the one.
Looks even worse in the flesh - *smile*
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Dorothy Bradbury

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