Long house selling chains

We're no. 7 in a chain of 9 buying / selling houses, and despite
months of nightmare emotional roller coaster it eventually looks as
though exchange of contracts will happen tomorrow, with completion on
the 29th.
With so many in the chain it looks as though the funds won't work
their way up the chain to us until (at least) late afternoon with the
possiblity /
probability of not being able to move into the new place
that day.
Anyone exprience in this area that they care to share, lessons to be
learnt etc would be much appreciated. At the moment my contingency
consists of a packed suitcase in the car and a list of local hotels !
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Andrew Mawson
Exchange of Contracts has to be simultaneous but completion dates can be phased.
For instance: You move into your new house on Monday and your buyers move into yours on a Tuesday.
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HI Andrew
You have my sympathy.... On our last move there were only 5 in the chain - and that was bad enough.....
We had a similar thing moving from the UK to Ireland. The money was transferred from our purchaser's solicitor to our solicitor and then on to out (Irish) vendor's solicitor.
A couple of hours earlier, our family, dogs, caravan etc had set off for the Swansea ferry.... (trusting, or what ?)
We arrived in Ireland the next day - and turned up at our new home about 11am. Had a quiet word with the vendor, and he allowed us into the house - just a well, as the removal truck had to unpack asap in order to catch the return ferry that evening.
Our vendor eventually got his money from the solicitor 6 weeks later! - which is apparently quite normal in these circumstances...
Anyway - my advice is to contact your Vendor and 'come to an arrangment'. Sounds like the whole chain is 'committed' anyway - even though the solicitors will advise that no keys change hands until everything is financially complete... but what the solicitors don't know about - they won't worry about....
Good luck !
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And hopefully the removal company agreeing to all your worldly goods sitting in their van overnight ...
Someone I know moved recently with a removal company that uses shipping containers. They park the container outside your old house a few days before you move, so you can fill it, and then you have it at the new house for a few days afterwards to give you time to unpack it.
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There was me thinking it was going to be someone asking about selling one of these:
formatting link
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I don't, and I can't contact the person for a couple of weeks as school holidays. It may be a local (Falkirk) removal/storage company rather than a national.
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You might be able to have your removers store your stuff for a day or so at litrtle extra cost. You then spend a night or two in a hotel near the house and use the opportunity to give the house a really good clean and perhaps even redecorate it, replace carpets etc., before moving the stuff in. I woudl consider doing this even if it was forced on me. I
Alternatively; sometimes people will let you move stuff into the garage before completion and before their stuff has left the house.
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There's absolutely no rush. I don't anticipate moving house for some years, but it sounds like the kind of arrangement I would like.
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know it must be because they stack them on ships.
Next step, how would they be made to satisfy building regs?
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The ones used on ships have safety certificates; the cheap nth-hand ones are the ones with expired certs.
Presumably like any steel structure, a structural engineer would sign it off.
Not too difficult, some pre-fab or cabin buildings of the Portacabin style are manufacturered to comply with Building Regs.
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