Immersion Heater

Had a call from a relative today - it sounds like the immersion heater has
packed up. I will go and confirm, but I don't want to get into replacing it
(too much risk of sods law kicking in and the thing will be stuck and the
tank will rip!)
Any clues for a rule of thumb charge for an Electrician to replace the
immersion heater? (They seem to cost between £14 and £20 to buy)
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Test the thermostat first. These are an easy DIY swap and will cause you no leaks if a replacement is needed. If it is the element that has failed then using a plumber would be a better option than an electrician to do the work.
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It could just be the wiring, a fuse, a breaker in the main fuse box or the immersion stat which should just pull out without having to touch anything else. It's at least worth checking those. In fact it's worth just seeing if the immersion will start to unscrew with reasonable force without draining the tank first. If not you can abandon the job if you prefer and if so then you can drain the tank and get on with it.
Well a plumber would be a better bet if the tank needs draining and refilling but at £50 an hour plus call out you aren't going to get any change from £150 plus parts I would have thought even if turns out to be a simple job. If not then it could be new tank time at several hundred quid.
However logically if it's a simple job because the immersion unscrews easily then you will presumably be doing it yourself anyway and if it's a complete tank replacement the cost will be so high it will still probably be worth your while doing it and charging them something.
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Dave Baker
See my follow on note.
Incidentally - no reset on it. Just a thermostat. so in light of the scalded baby I guess it should be changed.
Is the reset trip in the same tube as an existing thermostat - or will it mean a new heater?
Just looking at switches and wondering if it needs a fused / switched outlet. Possibly just a switch as the circuit is 16 amp MCB protected.
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I believe the water offers a bit of support to the tank, it'll be pressurised by about 1/3 bar by the head of water from the the storage tank.
If you need to buy a immersion spanner get the box type rather than ring.
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Dave Liquorice

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