Lined chimney and wood burning stove advice...

Hi! I have a wood burner connected to a stainless steel liner passing
up through the chimney.
When the fire is not lit, the area around the wood burner is very cold
- its almost as if the liner and wood burner are bringing cold air in!
Is this likely? If so, is there a way to combat this heat loss?
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Well they have no insulation upwards to the air, so they will lose heat faster than anything else.
Nothing to be done about it, except light the fire.
If you have (and you should have) air vents to feed the fire, close them.
We stick plant pots over our floor vents, removing them to light the fires..
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The Natural Philosopher
I fear as much :-(
I wonder if it makes any sense to lag the gap between liner and chimney - there must be a gap there. Then it'd just be a matter of putting some sort of thermal break in the liner oh yeah - and finding a way to stop cold air coming down the liner - maybe some sort of one way propeller/baffle :-)
I'll just go back to lighting the fire or saying Brrrrr! then :-)
Thanks for the response!
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