Ikea cooker hood

Went to look at a job today to fit a couple of new doors
whilst there client said extractor hood had not worked since moved into the
Its an Ikea Hoo 411s made by whirlpool
Took filter panels out of hood but could see no wiring to the hood, the only
cable visible being the one from the fan housing to the controls on the
Anyone know where the mains connection should be on this model?
Could not see how the fan came out either
The charcoal filter casings to the fan and internal panels of the hood were
absolutely pristine
There was no outside vent even though it was on an external wall with easy
access from the outside
Some one had cut holes into each side of the stainless chimney and siliconed
in mesh panels presumably to use as a recirculating system
Incidentally I could find no external isolator or fused spur box anywhere in
the area either and assume that one would be required for Part P
They also have living flame gas fire which has a gas pipe to it but no gas
at the fire
there is no evidence of a stop tap and the pipe is exposed until it goes
through the ceiling
The old iron gas pipe I guess for an gas fire is used for most of the
visible length and there is a disconnected iron pipe in the meter cupboard
and a capped off tee on the copper pipe for the gas supply to the boiler
Confused of Leicester
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