Balanced flue gas fire installation

Dear All,
I need to install a gas fire (outset balanced flue) where the maximum
specified flue given by the manufacturer is 660mm.The thickness of the
wall necessitates an extension of the flue by a further 200-230mm.What
effect, if any, would this extension have on the function and safety
of the unit?
Any advice would be really appreciated!
All the best,
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You need to consult the manufacturer's installation instructions (although it sounds like you already have!) they will very likely contain info about this; if not contact their technical help line.
I had a similar issue with a boiler I had fitted recently; the manufacturer provided a special flue extension kit which I bought separately.
You certainly can't simply add bits on or extend flues willy-nilly.
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Is this something like a Baxi Brazillia? I can't remember if there are flue extensions for this model.
Since the model is natural draught there are probably quite severe limitations on how long the flue can be. You may have to choose a different model and/or location.
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Ed Sirett

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