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Mike (IIRC) asked for more good links like the sagulator, so I thought maybe we could start a thread to put our great links in.
asbestos: /
weird bendy wood: /
boiler efficiencies: /
Very Thorough housebuying checklist: &hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&scoring=d&
Sound insulation: the keyword for sound insulation is Camden
Central heating diagrams: Circuit diagrams on page 4 and
housebuyers area checking database - note its accurate, but can flag various issues:
Cob repair and maintenance
concrete expert site
Cornell home economics library - an odd site:
crack monitoring equipment
CRC concrete, ultrastrong, aka weld cement: 
expertise on damp in old houses: / click on discussion forum
Decorative blocks huge range:
Double glazing demisting: uk.d-i-y, Subject: Moisture in Double Glazing
diy free swap shop - note Ive not checked the link yet, might be no good: - also i think its a commercial site
diy house advertising: uk.d-i-y, Subject: DIY house selling
build regs:
partition walls
wall fixings, thorough
directory of DIY stores
cormaic buiding place - loadsa info
floor joists, tables, info:
concrete in detail: /
readers digest diy manual:
bowing walls: 65c1e1d6f2fa4d

but consulting period property forum re tanking is advisable
pipes and insulation: 27b83fe4207711
right to light, planning exempt conservatories, how to deal with disuptes over new structures: f160da968e69b8
continuous long length rawlplugs:
foundations for walls:
some suppliers: - plumbing - general - general, cheap - B&Q and dont overlook Argos, occasionally useful
Glue types: uk.d-i-y, Subject: Re: Flapping wall
double glazing, woodworm treatment, rising damp, dry rot, foam roof repairs: /
Dremel router: uk.d-i-y, Subject: Better door draft excluder...
Earth types: uk.d-i-y, Subject: Re: no earth?
Faking stone: TIP: I you wish to replicate a stone type using the "fakery" method of "concretinization", source stone dust from producers of "proper" stone, ie. quarry, and include this in your aggregate.
Flat roofing options: uk.d-i-y, Subject: flat roof needs replacement
flood risk data: along with lots of other
FAQ on forced air heating.
Freshwater central heating: uk.d-i-y, Subject: Re: Washing machine plumbing
theres even a uk.d-i-y thread on the various uses for dead fridge compressors somewhere!
gaden wall/fence ownership: / / The Party Wall etc Act 1996 does not apply to wooden fences, only to walls
Best wood preserver: linseed oil, 4 coats, first coat applied hot.
Glass specialists site
good plastering thread uk.d-i-y, Subject: How to joint plaster ?
Grading your own wood: uk.d-i-y, Subject: Re: Grading Wood note engineers can draw plans for ungraded wood use
Gypsum boards
Wood frame building: uk.d-i-y, Subject: SELF-BUILD Wooden-Frame House & Cost
Repairs with lime /
how bad can it get?: uk.d-i-y, Subject: 3 billion DIY opportunity
Period interiors from around the world (pics):
Intumescent strips: uk.d-i-y, Subject: Intumescent strips
Invisible secondary glazing
Joinery expert:
Lead codes & weight uk.d-i-y, Subject: Re: Lead weighing in
Lead lining gulleys: uk.d-i-y, Subject: Roof Valley Repair - position of felt?
lime and chalk plaster:
lime forum: /
lime mixes:
Hey, one day I'll get more time....
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It was. Good list too. Note that the building regs move location faster than they change them so you need to use the main entry point.
And perhaps they could be gathered together and put in the FAQ &hl=en&lr=&ie=UT F-8&oe=UTF-8&scoring=d& ectionID ge/odpm_buildreg_page.hcsp &sa=l&ai=AVgn3O6OB-A46XgqxkMMFV7ZYH-4lCMrggXgAEApTAAthDEACEA&num=4 65c1e1d 6f2fa4d 27b83fe 4207711 f160da9 68e69b8
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In message cr7bfb$v9o$, Mike ( wrote:

I've got loads more, only got as far as L!
I agree this would be a great thing to have in the FAQ, but there are one or two links that really need checking out first. While I've visited or used most of them, not quite all.
Hope to have nothing better to do some time, so I can finish the list. And I hope others will contribute theirs too.
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