gch incident

The baby story has prompted me to write about a recent incident with m
gch.The flat I live in has a wall-mounted "Apollo" Thorn EMI boiler
The boiler t/stat has high/off/low settings. The 2 header tanks in th
airing c/board sit above the water cylinder which has an imm. heater
The only relatively new parts of the system are the water pump and th
TRVs on the rads. There is also a wall t/stat in the hall. Until th
incident the boiler t/stat has always been on high. When I switched o
the gch recently after a while I noticed my lounge quite hot . Touchin
the rads they were extremely hot and shortly thereafter I heard
rumbling noise from the airc/board. The imm heater was off. I assume
this was either a discharge of hot air/water into the tanks. I immed
switched off the system and after cooling swiched on again with th
boiler t/stat on low. It has been ok since. Was this an airlock o
something amiss with the high setting of the boiler t/stat? Thank you
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