best method to cut worktop

i have to cut lengths of worktop (B&Q laminate).
I want to get a clean accurate cut, whats the best tool for someone
who isnt specially good at quality results?
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Small electric saw and a lot of care.
If you have a router, cut oversize with saw. then clamp a guide to the worktop and finish smooth running hee router against that.
If possible tile over the end to hide any messes you made..
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The Natural Philosopher
Turn worktop over. Mark cut and use a circular saw but screw a batten at a suitable distance from the mark (use the saw as a measure) as a guide to the worktop. Always start the cut from the poist formed edge and don't force the cut, if possible use a finer (40tooth) blade. Always support the worktop on both sides of the cut. If you cut upwards through the laminate surface there is little chance of damaging the laminate.
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Malcolm Race

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