GCH timer fuse problem

The gch of my flat is a wall mounted "Apollo" Thorn EMI boiler
"Towerchron" -clocktype timer with adjacent fused socket. The pump i
less than 2yrs old and the rest is the original which came with th
In the last month the fused(5amp fuse) socket of the timer has blow
twice. If I remove the clock face of the timer and treat any movin
parts with WD40 is this likely to help the problem or is it just
2time coincidence?
Thank you
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On Thu, 3 Jan 2008 15:42:06 UTC, mikehh wrote:
I think you'll find that the fuse actually protects all of the electrics in the system. So it probably isn't the 'clock' at fault. Could be a failing pump (if there is one), or the boiler, and may be due to some kind of insulation breakdown or earth fault.
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Bob Eager
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Bound sure to work
never known to fail
especially for diybanter posters
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You have an intermittent electrical fault. The prime suspect for these is the pump. Pumps last random amounts of time 2 years is unlucky.
It could be other things, the clock is less likely to be faulty than almost anything else. Spraying it with WD40 et al will do no good, you will attract dust and dirt into the mechanism.
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Ed Sirett

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