Garage Floor - Dusty

34 years since I painted the garage floor. Doing a bit of cleaning and
tidying - and the floor is giving lots of dust where the paint has long
worn away.
Not bothered about cosmetics especially - what is the cheapest solution?
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I guess that would be dilute PVA (or better, SBA). But if you want it to last, then the cheapest floor paint. After washing and then hoovering once dry.
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Ignore it!
I guess you could do all sorts of things, all of which could prepare it to be repainted, but in the meantime would create more dust than if you left it. Brian
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Brian Gaff (Sofa)
You *can't* ignore it if you wish to do any car spraying in there! The only temporary solution would be to hose it over with water immediately prior to picking up the spraygun.
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Cursitor Doom

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