FYI Van Lock at Wickes

Spotted one of those heavy duty locks for the back doors of the van in
Wickes yesterday. Real heavy duty steel jobbie.
No price on the shelf hanger. Asked at the desk - reduced to £4.97!
From the look my mate at Wickes gave me it seems like a cock up. Apparently
they write things down to almost nothing if
its being discontinued - the SKU number doesn't appear on the web site
SKU 160687. If you want one I'd get in quick before they realise.
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The Medway Handyman
Dave, I've just been all the way to my local Wickes on your recommendation & they're bloomin' well closed
I guess I'll have to watch the Queens speech now :(
regards & Happy Crimbo
mike j
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Well, if you'd stayed there you could have been first in the queue when they re-open.
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In Currys/Comet/Dixons/PCWorld etc they change prices to end with 98p or 97p instead of 99p for EOL stuff.
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Andy Burns

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