Part whatever Regs and pond pump

Gave my mum a new pond pump for Xmas. Inside box was a note that the
installation had to be notified to the local snivel serpents under
Part whatever regs.
How completely namby pamby and a sad reflection on the state this
country has become. The comment a month or so ago about UK becoming a
STASI state was spot on.
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In message , CS wrote
Dear sir, Thank you for informing us that you have a pond. We have adjusted your Community Change up by £100.
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On Tue, 25 Dec 2007 12:49:00 +0000, Alan wrote:
And will be inspecting it annually and taking photos in order to adjust your council tax each year. Also please remember to fill in this on the nosey survey we'll be sending out every two years asking you about income, sex and all your personal information. Please return this survey in the transparent envelope to assist in dataloss adjustments.
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If a recall correctly, just get a friendly electrician who is able to certify the installation under the Part P regs to fit the pond pump and there is no need to inform the local authority - oh, and keep the certificate somewhere safe.
If that is incorrect then I stand to be corrected as I don't normally play with electrics to any degree.
Or just fit it and forget to tell 'em, and if the LA discovers this "heinous crime" - just remove it, but I doubt if they would really bother!
Brian G
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Brian G
In message , The Medway Handyman wrote
UK data security will soon not matter - our government are thinking of awarding the next census contract to an American company who will have to disclose the contents to the US government under the terms of the Patriot Act.
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In article , Alan writes
Then don't fill it in*, no-one will notice and nothing will happen.
] but don't refuse to fill it in, " it's been filled in and sent off, no I'm not going to fill in another, if you've lost it, it's your hard luck "
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