fridge freezer in garage latest views

We want to buy a cheapy fridge freezer (or separate units) for the
garage. I've been reading old threads on this topic and wonder what
the latest views are. My specific questions are:
1. Is there a cheapish fridge freezer that will work reliably below
10 degrees C?
2. Will any manual defrost freezer be OK, or is there a problem with
these as well?
3. Has anyone actually bought any products recently that they would
Many thanks for any replies.
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I think the main thing to avoid is buying a combined fridge freezer which has only one thermostat (which AFAIK is most models) - the freezer switches off when the ambient temp falls below 4 deg C or whatever, because the fridge thermostat thinks it's cold enough. I've come a cropper that way myself...
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You need to check with the manufacturers of whatever models you are considering. They will be able to give you definitive advice.
Peter Crosland
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Peter Crosland
In article , kent writes:
I think there were a few potential problems...
Single compressor fridge/freezers often had no thermostatic control in the freezer, and relied on the fridge thermostat to cause the compressor to kick in often enough that the freezer remained frozen. Below about 16C, this didn't happen and the freezer warmed up. Nowadays, most fridge/freezers are single compressor. Some have an electronic valve to direct the refrigerant to one of the other so they have independant temperature control. However, there may be some of the former type around too. The clue here is to check for independant temperature controls for the fridge and freezer.
Refrigerant systems are designed to operate over particular temperature ranges, and domestic appliances are not designed to operate at outdoor temperatures. Outdoor aircon units have things like compressor heaters to prevent the lubrication from waxing up when it gets cold and the compressor may only be called upon to operate very infrequently.
The casings of domestic appliances will often quickly rust in a damp environment.
I've got a 7 year old Hotpoint freezer in a garage attached to the house. It regularly goes below 10C and occationally below 5C. In summer it often goes above 30C. Freezer maintains correct temperature throughout.
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Andrew Gabriel
On 02 Dec 2007 11:44:14 GMT, (Andrew
I had an SN class freezer (10C) in my garage for years, when it finally expired I looked for another with the same climate class but couldn't find one in the shed retailers. Needing one in a hurry I bought a budget cost frigidaire model with a N class (16C) rating. It has a termperature display on the front and this is always between -19 and -22C irrespective of whether the external temperature is 5C or 25C. Well pleased with it.
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There shouldnt be any problem with that keeping temp, the problem lies elsewhere.
If OP wants a cheap unit, why not pick up separate fridge & freezer on freecycle.
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