fitting high skirting

I need to fit a skirting board which is 7" high.
I am not sure how to cut a 45 degree angle so that the corners look nice.
Can anyone think of an easy way of making the cuts?
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Toucan Groups
Circular saw against a batten works pretty well. Getting the exact length can be more difficult than the angle.
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Stuart Noble
"Toucan Groups" wrote
Either buy a mitre saw/block arrangement or, if they are not available for deep skirting, make one.
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You need a compound mitre saw which can be adjusted in the vertical plane as well as the horizontal. That way you will be cutting a board which is 7" wide and not 7" high.
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On 3 Oct,
It is more usual to scribe the joints rather than mitre. one side is then a square cut, amd most of the other is too (depends on how fancy the board is).
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Mitre the outside, scribe the inside is the norm I think. End grain doesn't look too pretty on the outside corners.
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Stuart Noble
I have used a cheap mitreing device which I got from B&Q, you just slide the skirting board in, two thumbscrews hold it in place and you just saw down the 45 deg. angle on the edge for an external mitre. Internal corners are best profiled the trick to that is to first cut an internal mitre then follow the profile with a coping saw.
If you are not confident sawing mitres with mitre boxes and the like, buy a mitre saw, Screwfix are selling 2 that will cut deep mitres up to 178mm (7") for £20 and £27. These saws consist of a hacksaw like saw mounted on guides that slide down guide bars the whole arrangement can be swung round to cut almost any angle including mitres.
After that the next best thing is a sliding compound mitre saw. Got one this summer from B&Q for £85 for a 250mm diam blade with 295mm lenght of cut it has been ripping through all sorts since don't know how I managed without one before.
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Richard Pawlowski

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