Far from Ideal boiler

My Ideal Isar M30100 has worked in fits and starts over the years,
recently managing a record-breaking 2 whole years without failure but
it looks like the PCB has finally decided to join it's many
antecedents (seven at the last count, most under guarantee, thank
goodness) by presenting a dead short to the mains...and on a Friday
night to boot :-(
So should I give up and replace the whole damn thing or throw another
=A3200 at it and at least get a year's warranty on the new pcb? Is
anyone repairing pcbs nowadays or are they still 'disposable'?
If I did get a new boiler, which brand is least likely to contain the
kind of electronics which spontaneously commits suicide if you dare to
apply power to it?
Last question... why did I think it was a good idea to dump the idea
of a hot water cylinder with it's inherent backup immersion heater,
for a bloody combi... (no need to answer that one)
mike, anticipating a frosty weekend ahead, from the family as well as
the weather.
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Mike Parkins
In message , Mike Parkins writes
That'll be the transformer melting - look at the cover, it will have melted round the transformer
I have been repairing pcbs for 15 years
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Unfortunately, we're overwhelmed with work ATM. If it's just a Tx replacement, and the rest tests out as OK, then I can repair yours. If it needs any deeper investigation, I don't have time
Worcester seem to be the flavour of the month ATM, unfortunately, this isn't the best time of year to replace a boiler
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True Enough - The 10V secondary is short circuit. Oddly enough the primary appears to be open cct so I can't figure out why its blowing fuses. I guess I'm not likely to find a replacement pcb or transformer over the weekend so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and phone Ideal. thanks Geoff.
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Mike Parkins
So you should have an idea as to the pcbs from boilers that break down more often than others. Care to share that info with us please?
Don (who is currently deciding on which system boiler (Viessmann?) to replace an existing sick one)
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In message , Donwill writes
Aha - someone who asks the question the right way round (as opposed to what's the best)
However, you have to take into account several factors
1) what I see is skewed by getting a lot of pcbs in from service companies (whose main work is for local authorities who have put in budget boilers)
2) it's normally several years before I get to see pcbs from a new boiler on the market
3) It's not only PCBS which cause boiler failure
Yeah, or Worcester or Vaillant, these seem to be the boilers of choice nowadays
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In message , Doctor Drivel writes
dIMM - he mentioned Viessmann in his thread and I agreed with him
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Another factor to consider is the availability of spares. Spares for makes with a relatively small installed base are less likely to be carried at a local boiler spares stockist. True they will all be available to order possibly for next day. If Veissman are "better" then they are good value as they are similar in price to the Vaillant.
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Ed Sirett
Maxie, it was clear you were saying Viessamn is equal to W-B and Vaillant. That is not the case. How is the Oriental enchantress Maxie?
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Doctor Drivel
I have an Ideal Isar M30100. It is on it's fourth PCB, third fan and something else has been replaced. I can no longer tolerant the annual breakdowns and resultant taking time off work to wait for plumbers, the costs, not to mention the fact that my wife, not unreasonably, does not appreciate being without heating or a hot shower for weeks every winter.
I'm trying to get something back from Ideal. Have your tried? Any success? There is clearly a problem with the PCB in this model.
Giles. snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.co.uk
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I have had many problems with my Ideal (oh the irony) Isar M301000 and would be interested to hear the experiences of others.
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The only one I put in (chosen and supplied by the customer) did the PCB blowing the fuse trick. I think he got it repaired by Ideal under warranty.
A customer I did some other work for has one that's had to have loads of work done on it.
And I recently did a control module (PCB in its plastic box) swap on one that was tripping the circuit MCB.
Don't think I'll be fitting any for my customers ...
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John Stumbles
I noticed that eBay has sprouted several pcb vendors recently so I sent mine off for repair. Sadly, it still doesn't work. Apart from a brief whirr from the diverter valve the first time it was powered, there's no display or other activity, just a glowing power led. Can't figure this out at all since I know the only fault before was a shorted transformer on the old pcb :-( mike.
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Mike Parkins

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