the old sayings are true

a good site survey and some work with a dozer can prevent much later back breaking work. um, i wasn't here... :)
this is my way of saying hello to the group, i've been enjoying the read through recent posts, and hope to stick around.
currently i am helping to take care of about an acre of gardens/decorations and i like to tinker and putter around (and play in mud too :) ). i just quit my part-time job in time for the summer gardening season. i hope to not have to work again, but we'll see if this round sticks. we're down to about 20% grass (or more accurately mown areas) and if i had my way that would be zero. :)
as a kid i loved growing houseplants and had a small rose garden out front. that was someplace else.
this is not the place for roses (well at least the low spot in solid clay was not the place for 30-40 of them).
now we have an 8 foot fence (deer) for a large enclosed area (again mostly clay, low area). this is mostly for veggies and whatever flower beds that we can come up with. most of it is actually pathways and decorative rock arrangements. :)
this year we have planted tomatoes, beans, onions, beets and peppers. these have all done well here (in spite of the clay) and i have restarted strawberries (they were ripped out years ago) and will see how they go.
also in there are the tulip patches and the other spring cut flowers (daffodils). i'm hoping to get more of the daffodils moved outside so that area can be used for veggies and cut flowers next year (or the year after -- i think i'm going to be maxed out on big projects this summer -- i've got the berm to redo and the tulip gardens and ... :).
outside the enclosed garden there are the grapes, the front gardens full of various perennials (that the deer haven't managed to do in yet, but they do eat the dead clematis and bed down in the flashing lights (which i call the red patch see for some pics i haven't added any recent ones in a bit now, but it gives some idea of things).
rhubarb is my favorite. early and plentiful and makes close to apple sauce without the seeds. quick to cook... i've been trying to get some transplanted for a friend and expected it would be impossible for it not to take, but my methods were not at all researched so i deserved what has happened (nothing). he won't be available for a while now so i'm thinking of taking another plant up now and potting it, putting it back in the ground (to keep it cooler and so it won't dry out too quick) until he's back in action. then we can move the whole thing and it will likely be ok. this time.
there is a border around the front gardens where i've alternated daffodil and tulips every six inches. i'll be messing with that some this year (moving things closer to the border and underneath so that they can come up in between rocks and not get eaten back to the ground by the deer if they find them). i have several hundred species tulips and others coming and some will go there (along with backups in the enclosed gardens :) to tinker with and for the cut flower garden).
i love tinkering and so this year i've given in and taken inventory of the existing tulips and did some cross- breeding and also planted seeds from last year's tulips and have to keep them coming along (and have to keep track of what is going where to see in several years if they results are anything like what i expected).
um... :)
did i say anything about the iris, crocus, ...? hehe. i admit it i'm a plant junkie... i've got some seeds here, the first ones are free. *cough*
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