F****** Ikea

Bought new Ikea shower curtains to replace old Ikea shower curtains.
New one's are 4 inches shorter and miss the shower tray.
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I'd get my eyes checked so that next time I could read the label rather than blame Ikea.
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Hah, you think you have problems?
We bought a new bed and mattress from the less than four years ago. The mattress has a 25-year guarantee and we've now got a problem with it so I rang the Warrington store where we bought it from (it's the closest to us at about 42 miles away) and asked them to get someone out to look at it.
"Oh we don't do that Sir. You have to make an appointment and bring it back to the store where our experts will inspect it".
So they expect me to carry a 5ft 3in wide x 6ft 6in long x about 10in deep mattress in my car, for 42 miles. She suggested I hire a van and that the cost would be reimbursed if it was found to be faulty under the terms of the guarantee - yeah, right!
I'm sure that somewhere, written in print so small that it would need the magnifying power of a NASA telescope to see, they would quote something that would exempt them from repairing/replacing my mattress and I'd be 50 quid van hire down and still need a new mattress.
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You did take the required measurements with you and check the size before you purchased, didn't you?
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Man at B&Q
"John" wrote in message
Doesn't a bed start creaking after a few years? or is that side of things a thing of the past? ;-)
25 years guarantee! blimey I'd expect to change me bed after five...bed bugs thing ya know. ;-)
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My experience of Ikea beds is that they start creaking almost instantly. Not the mattress, but the frame.
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