Tricky lintel replacement advice needed.

To describe the bits of wood holding up the wall above several
openings as lintels is a bit of an exaggeration. Some of them are only
2cm thick, and all of them are seriously bowed. Removing them is going
to involve a fair bit of collapse of the wall above, the construction
being mud and stone. The walls in question are all at least 2' thick.
One opening is a window, one an external door, and one an internal
I'm not quite sure what to replace the lintels with. More bits of
wood, or several concrete lintels. This is one job I'm not looking
forward to!
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Presumably a reinforced concrete lintel cast in situ. Not rocket science, but not a job to do yourself if you haven't got the help of someone who's done a few of them before.
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In article , 1501 writes
In a similar spot I've used needles in the unsupported area and into the wall either side and used a heavy wooden wall plates to take the load rather than acrows, it meant easier access to put in the new lintels which were one brick high pre-stressed concrete jobs.
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generally best to use original materials to retain the character, and oak will last fine in such apps. Maybe a bit bigger than 2cm this time though!
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