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Hi all
I'm thinking of putting up an extension and I have come across a builder
called Home Extension Team Ltd in Hitchin, Herts. Does anyone have any
experience of them, comments etc?
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No, but companies with cute descriptive names like this tend, in general, not to be as good as AB Jones (builder) etc. Of course this comment may not apply to this company
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I agree with this and would go with the AB Jones type builder.
I imagine HET Ltd would get AB Jones to do the work and are just middlemen feeding off the job.
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Rubbish! what sort of research have you done and on how many companies? It's employees that are crap that give companies a bad name - or those directors who are disqualified, or companies not registered. The name might be to reflect the main service provided. What you claim is not true. My advice is check the company is registered and google for reviews/complaints. Never pay in advance or by cash.
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They're not a builder - They design and project manage on behalf of the client and use local builders for the construction work. They have a shop in the high street (and a website
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Not used them myself (or indeed anyone as I haven't extended!) but a friend popped in to see them to discuss a proposed extension and wasn't happy with their approach but YMMV...
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Peter Watson
On Wed, 02 Jan 2008 21:13:42 GMT Markw wrote :
My instinct with names like this is as the other posters, but the Companies House website
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WebCheck is always worth a look for limited companies. This one was incorporated in 1989 and their last filed accounts are for the year to 31/3/07, both of which are positives. You can get a copy of these accounts from the CH website for £1.
As they've been around for a long time I would ask your local BCO for an off-the-record opinion.
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Tony Bryer

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