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Since starting my current business, I've mainly focussed on interiors,
with the occasional exception of garden decking projects, with the
most recent involving significant structural components. Otherwise,
its mostly internal refurbs involving kitchens, bathrooms, flooring
and stud partitioning etc.
During this time, I've always had a goal to eventually take on a
complete extension build project, when the time was right. I think
that time is now, and I have been invited to quote on such a project.
I have a lot of trade skills under my belt and have access to the
right sub-contractors, to take on the stuff I can't do myself.
Its the choreography that I not confident with and making sure that
everything comes together, within acceptable timeframes and
boundaries, as I know that costs can quickly mount up if this breaks
I'm after some step-by-step guidelines, in the form of a book or the
like, that I can refer to as I go, and can use to help me plan ahead.
Something that can identify the unknowns that I'm likely to
Can anyone offer up the existence of such a resource, and where I
might be able to acquire it?
Many thanks,
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In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
You could do worse than to read Laurie Williamson's book which I recommended in another thread earlier today:
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formatting link
in case the long reference doesn't work]
Chances are that your local library will have a copy which you can borrow.
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Roger Mills
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The Housebuilder's bible is pretty good too: or
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