Electric mitre saws specs?

I'm in the market for an electric mitre saw.
B+Q currently have the Dewalt DW703 at £200, which is a bloody good
It seems a good spec, with a 89mm depth cut, albeit 'only' a 162mm
The similar DW707 at Screwfix for £250 does 60mm x 270mm.
The figures given are crosscuts at 90 degrees. At 45 deg, they are ~25%
smaller figures - the DW707 quotes a depth of 44mm at 45deg.
That means it couldnt mitre a piece of 3x2" doesnt it?
Any advice on which would be the better all round saw?
I currently use a hand mitre saw, which is ideal for small bits, but is
totally out of its depth when doing 7 inch skirting board.
Though I dont often use 7" board, it would be nice to have the capacity
to do it when required - if so, that would rule out the 162mm cross cut
one wouldnt it?
How about 3x2 timber, which would be the size with greatest use - the
one with 60mm depth cut would not be able to handle the depth of 3x2
standing up, so the wood would have to be laid down on the 2" depth side
each time a cut is made.
How does this work in real life - is it a pain in the arse, or do you
soon get the hang of it, and think nothing of it?
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So just cut a 45deg bevel instead....
Being able to cut 540mm overall more than makes up for it for me.
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Ben Blaukopf
It all depends on the type of work you are doing, if roofs & floors are your mainstay work you cannot beat the Dewalt DW718 albeit a bit pricey at around £500 but you get what you pay for.
If it is general DIY then the DW708 will suffice.
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At that price you would probably also be able to pick up a Makita LS1013 on ebay. This will cut over 90mm deep, and 300mm cross cut or 215mm at a 45 degree mitre.
The 703 has specs thus:
Cutting Capacity at 90°/90° (W x H) 95x89 mm Cutting Capacity at 90°/90° (W x H) 162x41 mm Cutting Capacity at 45°/90° (W x H) 67x89 mm Cutting Capacity at 45°/90° (W x H) 114x41 mm Cutting Capacity at 90°/45° (W x H) 95x61 mm Cutting Capacity at 90°/45° (W x H) 162x25 mm Max. Cutting Capacity at 45°/45° 114x25 mm Max. Depth of Cut [Saws] 89 mm
Which suggests you ought to be able to mitre a 3x2 laid flat, but not upright.
The DW707 adds the slide capability, but can cut no deeper.
Sliding versions are far more versatile.
For skirtings you need a sliding action and to use the bevel cut facility on even the biggest saws. Hence going for one with decent angle setting capabilities on the bevel axis is worthwhile. This is an area that lets down many of the budget saws - they often have decent enough angle scales on the mitre axis, but not the bevel.
For cross cutting it is second nature to lay it down anyway, so not a problem. I would not expect that you need to make too many mitre cuts in stock 3x2 or over - but that does depend much on what you are doing.
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John Rumm
Agreed. My Axminster saw will cross cut & mitre cut with more than accepatable accuracy, but for bevel cuts its not so good. I have to try a few settings on off cuts to get it spot on.
Not a problem on the few occassions I need to do this, albeit a Makita/Bosch/DeWalt would probably do it first time.
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The Medway Handyman
Yes, that looks interesting, and cheaper than the others I was looking at. I had the misfortune of having to go to B+Q earlier today ( Unlike you, I hate the place - I find them quite expensive for many things, and there is always a queue to pay). Anyway, I wanted some black screw caps. You'd think they were available anywhere, but no, I went to 3 different places yesterday, and didnt find any in black, so looked on the B+Q website, who do have some in stock.At an eye watering £1.50 for 20. Getting back on topic, the DW703 I saw last week at £200, has now been reduced to £170. I asked the assisitant about it (yes, there was one right behind me, - I didnt have to go up and down 3 aisles to find one!), and he said the same - a waste of money without the slide.
"Have a look at this one - great value" he said, pointing to a Macallister 305mm slider. £170 on display (yet looking on the website later, it says reduced to £130 there).
Hidden under a pile of other boxes was a demo version, once it was cleared, he let me have a play with the various functions - what stood out was how big it was compared to others around it. It seemed very solid, with easily adjusted bevel/mitre increments, and a claimed 300mm cross cut, though the website specs again differs to the spec displayed at the store. I think I may have to endure B+Q again ealry next week to have another look, and maybe buy one.
I also noticed they are selling a lot of things cheaply at the moment. Exterior rear UPVC doors - ~£120. Good hardwood glazed doors - £110, ladders reduced by 20% or more (making the fold up '10 in 1' ladder at £50 seem rather a good deal), and a lot of other stuff that does seem quite cheap. Ta Alan.
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orry if I mislead you, but I hate the place as well! Its just the nearest store to me. Well over priced (but not as bad as Homebase) and always a queue.
I'd avoid McAllister like the plauge. Everything I've bought under that brand name has been crap. Looks good on the spec, but the quality is poor.
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The Medway Handyman

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