Danfoss FP715 Timer / Combi Boiler

Just got a new combi boiler with its own time clock which is inadequate for my needs. My old boiler had a danfoss FP715 timer connected for 5 / 2 day control of water and heating separately.
Obviously water is sorted on demand with the boiler, but I want to connect my FP715 in to control the heating. The boiler accomodates this with a terminal block which you can wire in an external timer in place of the internal, and a room thermostat if desired.
Can somebody either confirm the following, or if I am wrong let me know how to do it right !
The FP715 has six terminals, live / neutral, water on / off, and heating on / off.
There is a live and neutral to the internal timer which I presume goes to the heating on / off on the FP 715 ?? I have already supplied the FP715 with a 3 amp supply so in order to wire the timer , do I put a link in the FP715 between the supply live / heating on, and instead of connecting the neutral from the boiler to the heating off terminal, I could just connect the neutral from the boiler to the neutral supply on the FP715 ?
Is this any where "near" correct ? I'd like to do it myself, but I can call on the services of an electrician if need be . . . .
thanks in advance for any help.
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