CW Storage Tank Slow to Fill

Our CW storage tank has become slow and noisy to fill recently. Before
an old man struggles up into the loft, suggestions as to possible
causes and their cures would be most welcome.
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A N Oldman
A good bet would be that a piece of grit or other debris has lodged in the jet of the float valve.
If it's one of the old Portsmouth types - i.e. simple ball on a long arm, then these can be dismantled quite easily and the jet cleaned out. While you are at it, check the washer, the jet and the thing in general and if it's worn replace the whole valve, they are very inexpensive.
If you do decide to replace it, then consider a Torbeck valve. These are almost as inexpensive and will operate a lot more quietly. They shut off positively at the end of filling rather than in the slow way of Portsmouth valves.
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Andy Hall

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